2017/8 Newsletters and Reports

Here you will find reports of the last two years of the African Pastors Conferences where I am currently working as the Conference Manager. Please visit our website as well at http://www.africanpastorsconferences.org for our schedule this year. We upload many of the lectures as well that are being delivered at the conferences. We get speakers from around the world and each year we have a different theme. The theme in 2017 was “The Biblical Pastor”. The theme in 2018 is “Preaching Salvation”.

January 2017 APC conferences

January February APC 2017

February 2017 Nigerian APC

March 2017 APC conferences

APC May 2017

April Newsletter

IEM Newsletter 2017 April

APC Malawi 2017 June

APC Kenya 2017 July

APC Uganda July 2017 report

Sepetember APC report

APC October 2017 Conference Run

November 2017 APC

APC Ghana 2017 (1)

APC conference Nigeria 2018

APC Conference March 2018 New

Report on 42-Day Guide

May APC conference run 2018 final

APC 2018 Malawi Report June

APC July Kenya 2018 final

Tanzania APC 2018 Nico (4)

October 2018 APC final

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