1) Printing and acquiring of the New Believers and Discipleship Book and DVD’s and other Evangelistic and Christian Books, and making it available to new believers and believers at low cost

2) Advertising one evangelistic or discipleship video a week around R50 from the website on the Facebook Page “Truths Transform.” We evangelize and disciple enquirers also on these two platforms. Our ads are mainly advertised in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, areas, where there are high concentrations of least, evangelized people groups.  The aim is to advertise 10 ads or more a month and so reach the least evangelized with the gospel and building online friendships.

2) Buying and distributing of Solar Panel MP3 Mega Voice Audio Bibles and distributing them to illiterate people in many languages (R350 each or more)

3) Buying and distributing Boxes of Love (Includes Food and Basic necessities) for the poor and elderly in Tembisa and beyond

4) Acquiring Gospel Booklets in many languages from World Missionary Press (WMP) and Bibles from Frontline Fellowship and distributing them to new believers and to believers without a Bible (We get them all for free)

5) Buying Bengali and Urdu Bibles at the Bible Society (approximately R300 a Bible) and handing them out for free.

6) Buying Jesus film videos from Campus Crusade for Christ in different languages (Bengali, Urdu, English, Zulu, Sesotho etc. ) and giving them away for free.

7) Conducting Bible studies and discipleship courses

8) Planting a Bible-based church among an Unreached people group in partnership with other churches

9) Be involved in leadership training and training pastors and Bible teachers. We do this currently through African Pastors’ Conferences where we are involved in more than 48 conferences a year across Africa.

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