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New Believer and Discipleship Guide

This Book will help New Believers in their walk with Jesus Christ. It will also help disciples of Christ who disciple young people and adults in the discipling process. This book contains core truths for believers in Christ.


Christ-centered messages for today

This book contains 18 sermons on basic teachings of the Bible. Titles include “Receiving Christ for who He is”, “The reason for Christmas”, “The invincibility of God’s love” and “How to know and do the will of God” and others. Here you will find exposition of Scripture with a strong missional character.


Christ-Centered Messages for Transformation

This book contains 18 messages and sermons where Christ and His supremacy are upheld. Basic teachings on the fear of God, the mission of God, the glory of God, suffering for God and many others will help you to understand the basic thrust and purposes of Holy Scripture.


The Ten Commandments

This book will help you to understand what the relevance of God’s commandments are for us today. It will also help you to know God’s will for your life and how the gospel relates to the law of God and the commandments of God


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