Psalm 1: The way of of the wicked

The way of the wicked

❖ He walks in the counsel of the ungodly (he exposes himself)

The way of the wicked is foremost a problem of the heart, as we said earlier. But it does not end there. The wicked exposes himself constantly to sin. He walks in the counsel of the ungodly. He is not satisfied with his own ungodly thoughts. He seeks affirmation from his ungodly friends to justify himself in his ungodliness. Birds of the same feathers flock together. We will rarely see ungodly men or women who don’t seek friends with whom they can do ungodly things together. He exposes himself to more ungodly ideas and philosophies. 

❖He considers doing wickedness 

Then he considers how he can act in ways that are ungodly without getting caught. Or he would try to find reasons to justify his ungodly line of reasoning. For example, the man who wants to sleep with a woman who is not his wife. Or a man who wants to evade paying income tax or a woman who wants to abort her baby. There are many ways to justify these actions. The wicked not only exposes himself to wicked ideas but considers how to perform them. 

❖ He stands in the way of sinners. 

He considers and finds delight in sinners and ungodliness. He has committed himself to the way of sinners. He has identified himself as one of them. These people are proud of being sinners. The sense of shame over sin has gradually decreased. Their consciences have been seared with a hot iron. They don’t feel the pain of sin in their consciences anymore. They don’t care about the consequences of sin any more as long as they can be seen as one of the guys or girls or the “men.” Their eyes are filled with pride over evil deeds and wickedness. 

❖ He participates actively and immerses himself in wickedness

He sits in the seat of the scornful or mockers. In verse one, we see progression in a lifestyle of sin. Sinners are not as evil as they can be, but sinners become more wicked as days and years pass by. They invent more evil schemes and plans. They sin more and more and delight more and more in evil and corruption. And in the final stage, they become mockers of those who love righteousness and Christ. They start to ridicule and blaspheme the name of Christ and curse the Bible and what it stands for. They become nefarious opponents of Christianity and Christ and the church and, many times persecutors of the church. They mock and insult the absolute standards of the Bible and will do this publicly. May God have mercy on the ungodly and the wicked, for so was all of us at one point in time and, for some, for more extended periods! May God have mercy on your soul if you are one of the mockers of what is good and right and Christlike!

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