Psalm 1: Why should we delight in the word of God?

Why should we find delight in the word of God? 

Here are a few reasons: 

➢ In it, we find the nature and character of God on display, our Creator, we find supreme worth and beauty on display

➢ In it, we find unchangeable and eternal truth that will shape the destinies of men forever, for evil or for worse

➢ In it, we find the way of salvation and righteousness clearly explained and illustrated

➢ In it, we find the words that will lead to fullness of joy

➢ In it, we find the power that will renew and transforms our lives

➢ In it, we find the Savior of the world and the way of eternal peace and life

➢ In it, we find thousands of promises that will give you hope and build your faith

➢ In it, we find God’s purposes and secrets revealed

The godly see these things in Scripture and are so captivated by them that they long to see more of God and Christ daily. He has received and embraced the truths of Scripture, which makes him blessed. 

❖ He finds delight in the Word because of whom and what it reveals: God, Christ and his salvation (2 Timothy 3:16; John 15:7)

The only reason ultimately the godly is blessed is because he has found Christ in the Scriptures. He has seen the surpassing worth of Jesus Christ in the Scriptures, he has seen the salvation in Christ revealed in the Scriptures, and he has embraced the precious promises of the Scriptures concerning Christ. He has been born again by the Spirit, and because he has life in God, he can appreciate the things of God. He has received forgiveness of sins offered, and he knows that he is clothed with the righteousness of God. He knows that he belongs to God, and God had given him or her His most precious gift, the Holy Spirit, as an eternal inheritance! 

❖ He finds delight in the Bible because of its transformative power (creates faith and repentance, and obedience)

And not only that, he experienced over time the transformative power of the Holy Spirit at work through the word of God and because he becomes more sanctified and because he experiences the power of God over sin and the purifying power of God in the word, he cannot but help to be addicted to the word. The mark of the godly is not only that he reads the word of God daily and that he meditates on the word, but that he does it day and night, that he internalises the word, that he thinks about it all the time and seeks to apply it every day of his life. He is a transformed man or woman who believes the word in its totality to be true and trustworthy, and he/she obeys the word of God. His word abides in him, and he obeys the word constantly. 

My friend, I want to ask you: Do you long for the word? 

Do you find more joy in it than in your favorite soccer team or television program? Let’s be honest! 

Do you seek to be transformed by it? 

Do you read to find God there and His will for your life? 

Do you seek to apply the word constantly in your life?

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