Prayer for illumination (Part 3)

Prayer for illumination 3

❖ The riches of his glory of his inheritance in the saints 

The second thing God wants us to see, know and savour is the glory of his inheritance. Take note of what this inheritance entails. It is God’s inheritance that he gives us. It belongs to Him, and He now offers it to believers. Remember, the Holy Spirit is the seal that we will obtain the inheritance. So, the more you have of the Holy Spirit, the more you will be assured of God’s promised inheritance. Paul talks of the glorious inheritance, as it says in the original, “the glory of his inheritance”. So, why does the Bible say the inheritance of God is glorious? It is glorious because it belongs to God, and God is glorious. Right? Yes! But there is more; 1 Peter 1:4 says God’s inheritance kept in heaven for us is imperishable, undefiled and unfading. That is why it is glorious. It is holy, perfect, eternal, and preserved for us. It is not full of sin; there is no sin in it, no evil, no blemish, and it is forever.

But there is more. Paul does not merely say that we need illumination to see and know the glory of God’s inheritance; he prays that we may see and know the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints. This inheritance is in the saints, in people, in different kinds of people, people with different personalities, from different backgrounds and cultures and nations, not material things. Now, there will be many immaterial things in the new heavens and earth that will be glorious and undefiled, like streets of gold and beautiful things we have never seen, beauty beyond description, but that is not where the essence of the riches of the glory is situated. It is in the saints, in human beings, that have been transformed into the likeness of Christ. So, in a sense, we can say our inheritance is in Christ (See Eph 1:11) and in the work that He also accomplished and is still doing through the Spirit in making people glorious. That is where the riches are, in the millions and millions of people, human personalities, that will be immortal, holy and forever praising the Lamb and their stories of redemption and their likeness to Christ. Believer, pray to see, know and savour this inheritance!

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