Psalm 1: The Outcome of the ungodly

❖ He is like chaff that the wind drives away (verse 4)

Chaff, unlike the wheat or the corn that it is separated from in a winnowing trough or machine, has no function. You cannot eat it; it has no nutritional value. The wind drives it in different directions. So are the wicked. They are of no use in the end in the economy of God. Their lives have no purpose and meaning because they don’t have the life of God in them. God uses unbelievers for the saint’s sanctification, but in the long run, they will be thrown away.

❖ He will not stand in judgement

They will be condemned for their actions, choices and sins and mockeries. They will be sentenced, and the justice of God will be executed on them for not embracing the Word of God, for not fearing its warnings, for not believing in its promises and for not embracing the Savior it portrayed. 

❖ He will perish everlastingly

And their condemnation will be everlasting and just in hell and then in the lake of fire. Their way will perish, their mockery and scorn will end, and their delight in their sin and wickedness will end. God will reign over them in justice and judgement so that God will be glorified in their destruction. 

My friend, as you hear these words today: 

What is your foundation or source? 

The wisdom of the world and sinners or the wisdom of the Bible? 

Which way characterises your life? 

Are you delighting and meditating on the word of God day and night? Or are you contemplating and delighting in the ways and sins of the wicked? 

What will be your outcome? 

Will your life bear lasting fruit, and will it benefit your neighbour? Will youprosper in Christ Jesus? 

Or will your life be like the chaff in the wind, useless and meaningless? 

Will you be condemned with the rest of the ungodly? 

May God and his Word be your source and way, and may His glory be your outcome and goal! Amen

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