That you may be filled with the fulness of God

• That you may be filled with the fulness of God

Eph 3:19  and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

Knowing Christ and the immensity of his love is to be filled with the fulness of God. That is the point in this passage; that is why we need strength; we need the power of the Spirit to know the immensity of his forgiveness for us and his love for us. We need power from the Spirit and the Father to know his love and to have Christ in us to be filled with his fulness. What is the fulness of God? Is it not be become and be like Christ? Is it not to become holy as He is holy? Is it not to be kind as he is kind? Is it not to be patient with one another as he is patient with us? Is it not to be content with the things that you have and not be envious of others and not be boastful? Is it not to be satisfied with Christ? Is it not to be humble like Christ and think of others more highly than yourself? Is it not to have the power and ability to overlook the wrongs of others and to forgive as Christ has forgiven us over and over again? 

Is it not to be filled with the Spirit and to shun evil and unrighteousness and to rejoice in the truth? Is it not to seek the truth, love the truth, proclaim the truth and promote the truth? To rejoice in the kingdom of truth? This is what love does. This is what it means to be filled with the fulness of God, to rejoice in the things God delights in, to weep over unrighteousness and evil and to bear with others and endure all things. And hope for a day where righteousness will reign and all sin will fade away, where sin and death will be no more and where saints will dwell in eternity forever. To be filled with the fulness of God is to be filled with divine love, and to have Christ dwell in you, and for you to be crucified with Christ and where you lay down your life for others as Christ did for the church and still does by praying for them night and day as High Priest in heaven.

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