Lead us not into temptation

Preservation and protection (The protection of the Father)


“Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil”


• We need future guidance 


Two things are important here. We have three enemies. 


❖ The flesh, the sinfull nature

❖ The world system 

❖ Satan and the demons.


They all tempt us everyday. We need God to lead us away from temptation into paths of righteousness. Everyday. You don’t know what path to take. Satan is too clever. You need wisdom, insight, understanding, and counsel from other Christians and most importantly from the word of God. You will not make it on your own. In times like this, people take drastic measures to survive or get ahead. Don’ t let the world and Satan deceive you. You have a Father. Trust in Him. He will take care of you, now and for eternity! Christ overcame death, even when we die we will be with Him! He is our fortress and refuge! 


• We need future protection and preservation 


“Deliver us from evil”


Your strength is too small. The evil of the flesh, the world and in Satan will overcome you unless you are protected and preserved by Christ. Many times Christians need to be rescued from the power of evil. God has enough power within Him. He has more power than what is in the world and in Satan. Satan accuses, but in Christ we have an advocate. He pleads for us. No accusation will stand if you are in Christ! 


Confess your sins and hide yourself in Christ.

Maintain your fellowship with Christ. 

Seek his face continually.

Keep short accounts with God. 

When you are hid in Christ, you are safe from the accusations of Satan. 


Fittingly some manuscripts ends with these words “To You belong the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen”


Every time of crisis will pass, others will come and go, God is still on the throne, let us be reminded of that. God is a present help in crisis. 


We owe all to Him, our Father who is in heaven! 



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