Your kingdom come

• The expansion of God’s kingdom 

Closely connected to this is the next petition, “Your kingdom come” on earth as it is in heaven. We are many times building our own kingdoms on earth. We are concerned about our own names. When Jesus came to earth the kingdom of God was inaugurated. Jesus said, in the gospel of Mark, “repent and believe the gospel for the kingdom of God is near.” The kingdom of God is closely connected to the gospel and the conversion and salvation of people across the world. There are different aspects to the kingdom of God. We don’t have the consummation of the kingdom yet, one day all unrighteousness and sin and evil will be destroyed. We will have the kingdom in full force, in full power. But the kingdom is already here. And we are working for the expansion of it. When we pray, “your kingdom come”, we pray for the following things

❖ We pray that all people will submit and worship the King, Jesus Christ

❖ We pray for God to give spiritual life to his elect people across the world

❖ We pray that the church would continually preach and publish the gospel in various ways with clarity and power.

❖ We pray that the Holy Spirit will convict sinners of their sins and coming judgement

❖ We pray that people will believe in Christ for salvation

❖ We pray that those who will believe will hear the gospel, because without hearing the gospel they cannot believe in Christ

❖ We pray that God would send out gospel workers across the world (Matthew 9:35-38).

❖ We pray that Christians will fully submit to the rule of Christ in every aspect of their lives

❖ We pray for spiritual revival across the globe

❖ We pray that leaders across the world will submit and surrender to Christ and acknowledge Him as King of kings

❖ We pray that people and governments will amend wicked and evil laws like abortion on demand (murder) and laws that promote sexual perversions and immorality and laws that prevent Christians to gather and worship together

— We pray against socialism, (legalised theft) that the governments would stop interfering in how christian parents should educate and discipline their children, and we pray that they would promote free enterprise and protect property rights across the world.

Let’s pray, “Your kingdom come” on earth as it is in heaven.

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