Goals and Strategies


  • Reaching people of different ethnicities with the gospel through the word, prayer, Christian tracts, Booklets, Books, Bibles, CD’s, DVD’s and relevant physical necessities.
  • Networking and praying with other likeminded Churches, Christian organizations and Ministry partners.
  • Designating seekers to existing Bible-based Bible-studies/Cell-groups Services, existing churches and designated locations.
  • Discipleship and church-planting
  • Training leaders for gospel-ministry


  • Writing, printing, purchasing and legal copying of relevant Christian Tracts, Booklets, Bibles, Books, CD’s and DVD’s.
  • Befriending and building relationships with people irrespective of their religious or philosophical persuasions.
  • Distribution of relevant Christian Tracts, Booklets, Books, Bibles, CD’s and DVD’s and necessary physical commodities.
  • Prayer with Ministry partners for IEM.
  • Conducting Bible Studies and to work with existing and relevant Bible believing Churches and Organizations, and to designate seekers to these Ministries for follow up via Bible Studies, Services, Cell-groups,  Counselling and Prayer.
  • Be focused on disciplining new believers and older believers in existing churches, in various settings, and working towards planting new Bible-based churches
  • Preaching in the open air wherever we find the opportunity
  • Training pastors and Bible teachers for the ministry across Africa and the world
  • To give 3 month Quarterly feedback to Ministry partners through a newsletter by email or post.
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