Here is a Book for New Believers and can be used by disciplers to disciple believers in the faith

pdf 2

Here is a book containing essential Bible Studies and messages and sermons on basic tenants of the Christian faith. Enjoy!   (Chris-centered messages for transformation)

pdf 2

This book contains evangelistic sermons from a variety of Biblical texts as basis and many other sermons for your spiritual growth! (Christ-centered messages for today)

pdf 2

This booklet contains six messages for new believers in Christ Jesus. It can be downloaded and distributed

pdf 2jesus-saves-anyone-who-believes

This book on the Ten Commandments will help you know how God wants you to live the Christian life. The Commandments of God are still relevant for us today. Read this to find how God’s commands helps us to live lives that will glorify Him!

pdf 2the-ten-commandments

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